On-demand webinar: Five common intranet challenges – and how these can be handled

In this webinar, you can take part in a hands-on presentation of how Omnia can support your organization within the following five intranet scenarios.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • Improve internal communications

  • Improve employee experience

  • Connect and share knowledge

  • Deliver a great user experience

  • Include all employees

You can find more information on the five common scenarios below.

Target audience

The on-demand webinar is targeted at anyone looking for a thorough demo of Omnia, perhaps as part of the process to choose the best intranet product for your organization. Welcome to take this on-demand webinar at a time that suits your schedule by registering using the form to the right.

Five common intranet scenarios

Improve internal communications

In this scenario, we will present both a simple and sophisticated publishing scenario to show how Omnia can support a variety of communication needs. Here you will see the publishing experience including media handling, publishing calendar, content scheduling, multi-lingual content, and translation workflows. We will discuss governance aspects such as page types, layouts, settings, and properties, and how you can monitor and improve usage and content.

Improve employee experience

In this section, we will present how Omnia can support your organization within several HR-related areas such as introducing new hires with tutorials, presenting clickable organization charts, dynamic location information, and how to use onboarding plans for structured introductions. You will also learn more about setting up a learning center with instructor-led or online courses, micro-courses, and knowledge checks. We also show polls and surveys to be used for understanding user voice.

Connect and share knowledge

In this scenario, you can learn more about how to use communities for structured knowledge sharing, including posting discussions, publishing articles, and sharing documents. We also present how to ensure rich user-profiles and a possibility for finding colleagues based on skills and competencies.

Deliver a great user experience

Here we will present how to set up a customized search experience including search categories, refiners, search feedback, and promoted search results. You will also learn more about a selection of navigation types, mega menus with different looks and feel, current navigation, visual navigation, and directory navigation. You will also get a look at how notifications can work and see a demo of intranet performance and page loads.

Include all employees

In this scenario, you will learn more on how to connect your intranet to Microsoft Teams, support for digital signage, the Omnia mobile app, and how to reach end-users with newsletters. We will also present an overview of solutions for first-line workers that don’t require a Microsoft 365 license.

General information

This webinar is free of charge and is held in English. You can participate using a web browser or a mobile app. Our presenter in this webinar is Anders Fagerlund, Omnia Product Offering Lead. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept registrations from private email addresses (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.). 


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